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Ron Smith, MD
The information is compiled and recorded for the benefit of those whose lives are documented here, or for their descendants. It is a labor of love for my posterity. Like most, this genalogy project began with my interest in my family roots. As I have many, many relatives, the ‘family tree’ is quite expansive. Through my research, I found that one thread that descends to me actually goes back not only to King Alfred the Great of England but on to Sceaf who lived before Christ was born.

For everyone shown in this tree, I want as much accurate information as I can glean, including stories, documentation such as marriage license info, birth certificates, etc. I especially I want pictures. If you can scan in quality photos in any format and email them, that would be great. You may also send them to my address and I can scan them in, but I would ask that you include a self-addressed envelope. I’ll be glad to pay the return postage in appreciation for your time.

To all my family, distant relations, in-laws and outlaws, I dedicate this site, but especially to my Mom and Dad!

Ron Smith, MD

I must acknowledge that much of my research was done on the Ancestry.com who I heartily recommens. Lori Sparks, my cousin, and I have colaborated and shared information on both sides. The source that I used for English descendency comes from Sandra Ragan's personally genealogy web site which is source id in my references. It is a widely known and well documented genealogy availabe in many, many places.

I'm trying to be very meticulous about source quotations for any and all parties involved. Genealogy requires people to share information, but it is easy to overlook those who need credit for source information. If we have overlooked any source quotations we apologize and if you will contact us, we will correct our oversights.
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